Suggestion Box

Urmston Independent’s Suggestion Box is tucked into a mysterious hideyhole in cyberspace, but you can post your  suggestions for independent Urmston traders below and we’ll pass them on directly.

Don't be shy: make a suggestion!

Don’t be shy: make a suggestion!

The suggestions would ideally be constructive: there’s no room for pointless negativity in our Magic Suggestion Box.  Neither should you make personal remarks about individuals – if you want to let us know about something along those lines, please send us an email and we’ll try to think of a diplomatic way to pass on your concerns.  The kind of suggestions that would be helpful are:

  • ideas for changing the look of  a shop
  • items you would like to see on sale in Urmston
  • ideas for events and promotions that ideally wouldn’t cost traders too much in lost profits.

A Word About Cyber-Bullying

If you don’t like this website, or some of the independent traders in Urmston, that’s fine: nobody is stopping you from making your own website in homage to the corporate hegemony.  If, however, you choose to post defamatory or derogatory comments with the aim of intimidating  Urmston Independents or any individual independent Urmston trader,  either on this website or in messages to our email address, you will be identified, named, shamed and quite possibly mocked.  You have been warned.


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