Our Mission

About Urmston Independents

Urmston Independents celebrates everything that makes Urmston unique.  We promote independent shops, services and the sybaritic pleasures to be found in Urmston’s many bars, cafes and hostelries.  If you are an Urmston-based business owner and you’d like us to feature you, please get in touch.  This little corner of cyberspace is no place for corporate behemoths and big chains: this website is a virtual home for cake-makers, cat-groomers, key cutters and any other small business in the localities of Urmston, Flixton or Davyhulme.  To feature on this website, a business must have no more than three branches and must not be part of a national or international chain or franchised organisation.

Contact us

Would you like to tell us about an independent Urmston business?  Fire away, we’re happy to help and feature independents on this website.  It would be super-helpful if you could include a link to their website and a photo, but it’s no problem if you don’t.  We don’t want to leave any independent trader out, so please don’t feel ignored if you are not yet on this website.  Just let us know and we’ll put you on our A-Z as soon as possible.  Tell us which businesses we should feature below:

You can also email us at urmstonindependents@hotmail.com.

Who runs Urmston Independents?

The Urmston Independents website is written and run by me, Christine McLaughlin, an Urmston-based independent trader.  I run two businesses: the Better Tuition Centre on the corner of Crofts Bank Rd, M41 0TZ, and Fairly Organic Folk, an ethical brand of organic, sweatshop-free baby clothes and bags.   I believe that small, independent traders can unite to make Urmston, and the rest of the world, a better place.  I’d love to build a team, so please get in touch if you’d like to help.


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