Woodsend Circle Redevelopment

Woodsend Circle is being redeveloped.

Just a quick post about the proposed redevelopment of Woodsend Circle.  I don’t go up there very often but there is quite a nice collection of small shops such as the Majic Roundabout and Rosie’s Cafe.  Mutterings of redevelopment have rumbled on for several years but firm plans have now been drawn up and a “drop-in event” with LSP Developments will take place next week on Tuesday, 6th August.

You can read more about the drop-in event here on the Messenger website.  There have been complaints that the plans for Woodsend Circle redevelopment are rather unimaginative: a replica in miniature of the approach taken in Eden Square.  Some say that the land is being sold off, local traders will be priced out of business by sky-high rents and a small Sainsbury’s is being wheeled in to hoover up local custom.

There is concern that this approach is to be focused on maximum profit for big businesses and there’s little recognition of the role played by small retailers in local history.

It’s as if the whole of Urmston is being reimagined as an investment scheme for big chains – a terrible shame, if this viewpoint is correct.