Record Store Day 2016

Record Store Day is designed to get people into their local shops to buy vinyl or CDs rather than downloading. Far from the landfill-suitable relics they were briefly considered to be, vinyl recordings are now in high demand. I much prefer to have something tangible and  I enjoy the act of sliding the shiny platter out of its sleeve and onto a waiting turntable before carefully positioning the needle onto the required track. I like to think that slightly scratched vinyl that jumps or sticks occasionally adds something unique to the listening experience. A damaged vinyl record is like a book with the pages turned down here and there, a shopping list on the flyleaf or little notes scribbled in the margin. For this reason alone, I feel like I own my vinyl in a much more real way than I own my downloads, most of which are scattered on different devices and cannot be claimed to be a ‘collection’ of any kind.

Record Store Day is tomorrow (April 16th) and you may be surprised to learn that Urmston now has its very own record shop. Housed in the back room of the aptly-named ‘This and That’ on Flixton Road (next to JW Hairdressing), the record shop offers a selection of vinyl. It’s nice to see vinyl making a resurgence in our little suburb, so please support it if you can.


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