Today isn’t your day – and tomorrow doesn’t look good either

This week I endured my worst ever experience of customer service. It was so bad I have to wonder whether it’s a real shop or an interactive training facility where businesses can send staff to learn how NOT to treat customers. They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity and the last thing these guys deserve is good publicity so I won’t name the place: let’s call it Fawlty Mobiles.

My husband took my water-damaged Samsung into the recently opened mobile repair shop in Urmston on Tuesday to see if it could be fixed. He was told they could repair it with a new screen and camera. The ‘phone dude said it would be ready by Wednesday or Thursday of the same week and that he would ring us as soon as it was ready. This made us very happy: a speedy repair which, at £95, would be cheaper than buying a new ‘phone.

So … we’d heard nothing by Friday. My husband called in at lunchtime. Come back at four o’clock, they said. It wasn’t that convenient but back we trailed at 4.15pm. The ‘phone dude (let’s call him Shoulder Shrug) was outside, smoking a fag. He took a drag, shrugged his shoulders and said, “Another ten minutes – we’re just running the final tests.” No apology for the inconvenience.

We didn’t really want to wait (partly because Shoulder Shrug hadn’t thus far proved a good judge of time) so Shoulder Shrug offered to drop it off at our house when it was finished. “I’ll ring you,” he said. There was something just a little bit shifty in his body language that made me think Shoulder Shrug was lying – there’d be no ‘phone call and no delivery. For the first time since Tuesday I started to think I might not be getting my ‘phone fixed at all. Sometimes you have to just allow people to string you along – it’s awkward to look a stranger in the eye and accuse him of lying. So, out of politeness, we nodded and smiled and went home to wait for a call that never came. We tried ringing but their phone line was unavailable.

On Saturday morning my husband went and fetched the phone – this time there was a different guy there – for reasons that will become obvious, we’ll call this one Angry ‘Phone Dude. There was no reason given for not calling us the night before (or in the morning). Never mind, we were just glad to get the phone back …

Here’s where I must leave it for now: this sorry story is a two-parter.  Before I go, here’s a little tip for you: if someone fixes phone, check it’s working before it leaves the shop.



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