World Book Day 2014: How to Dress

“There’s more to life than books you know but not much more …”

The Highway Rat buys all his hats in Bon Fabrics at Davyhulme Circle.

World Book Day 2014 is on Thursday, 6th March (that’s this Thursday – came around quickly, didn’t it?).  Many schools invite children and/ or teachers to dress as their favourite book character.  If you need a costume for Thursday for yourself or a child, look no further than Urmston’s two independent fancy dress emporia.

Bon Fabrics at Davyhulme Circle sells costumes, accessories and fabric.

Affordable Fancy Dress on Church Road sells costumes, accessories and joke shop items such as fake sugar cubes or itching powder.

Both shops are good for complete outfits or finishing touches such as wigs, spectacles and hats.  They also afford the opportunity of using the word ’emporium’ which is never a bad thing.

Adults searching for an easy, fast World Book Day costume, visit it my other blog for some ideas.

This is the first of two posts about World Book Day – the next one will focus on (drum roll …) books.


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