How to survive after a nuclear war in Urmston


Homewares on Flixton Road, Urmston

If ever you survive a nuclear explosion in the environs of Urmston, when finally you stumble from your bunker, screwing your eyes up against the weak rays of a dying and forgotten sun, I do recommend you make your way calmly to Homewares on Church Road, taking care to avoid scattered debris en route.

The shop is known locally by various names (e.g. Bill’s) and in fairness, this is not just a homewares shop: you could also call it an ironmonger’s, a hardware store or a tool shop.  Whatever you ask for, they have it in that shop.  Nails, screws and thingummybobs?  Yep, they have have it.  Candles, barbecues or golf balls?  No problem.  Cat food, bedding plants or scary-looking tools?  Homewares has it all and it’s all cheaper than you think it will be.

I suspect they have done something fancy with the space-time continuum in their back room because although the shop doesn’t look very big from outside they seem to have EVERYTHING you can’t find elsewhere.

Read a review of Homewares.

Homewares’ owners are looking to retire and are planning to sell the shop; hopefully someone just as helpful will take over and carry on offering thingummybobs, doodas and utilitarian handy stuff for many years to come.


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