Inspiration for Valentine’s Day in Urmston

Romantic Britons spent £880 million on Valentine’s Day in 2012: it makes that small box of Maltesers you got seem rather insignificant, doesn’t it?  Just imagine the difference we could make to our little town if we tried to spend that money in independent shops, bars and restaurants in Urmston.

Of course, I’m not suggesting you should spend £880 million this Valentine’s Day in Urmston (around half that should be fine!), but if we redirect the money we’d normally spend on some sweatshop-grown tat towards some nice food or some artisan craft, we could keep more money in our local economy and make Urmston a lovelier place to live.

First, singletons: treat yourself to a cake from 
Richard’s: this one may fit the bill nicely!

Cake from Richard’s on Flixton Road.

Next, your romantic night out: Urmston is brimful of sybaritic pleasures – choose from tapas, Indian, Italian, pub grub or super-romantic traditional chips and follow up with a visit to Lily’s in Eden Square for cocktails.

Special offers at Mama Maria’s.

Mama Maria’s Italian restaurant on Flixton Road has advertised some special offers for Valentine’s/ Shrove Tuesday/ Mother’s Day.

Valentine treats at Candy Stripes Sweet Shop on Flixton Road.

You can also find lots of Valentine treats in Candy Stripes Sweet Shop on Flixton Road (opposite Nikki and Co, more or less).  Urmston Market (Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays) offers lots of Valentine possibilities from Belle Amour Home‘s giftware to pink champagne glitter jam from the jam stall.

If you are an independent trader in Urmston and you’d like to promote your goods or services here on Urmston Indpendents, please get in touch via email or by commenting below. This website is a free, community service and there are no charges for listing your business on here.


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