Mrs M Vintage: a new-old shop on Flixton Road

Mrs M. Vintage is a new-old shop freshly opened on Flixton Rd (right by the bookshop).  Mrs M’s grand opening offered cake, fizz and the chance to prowl through Mrs M’s unique collection of pre-loved and vintage-style (i.e. new but old-fashioned looking) furniture, hand-crafted homeware and all manner of delightful thingummyjigs.

Mrs M Vintage on Flixton Rd., Urmston. Photo courtesy Mrs M Vintage.

The shop is delightfully decked out to recall a bygone time when ladies would pop on a hat and some red lippie and stroll from baker to greengrocer to ironmonger and so on.  I had a good browse through Mrs M’s vintage aprons and gorgeous, unusual toys and I was bowled over by the very fine vintage Vespa parked outside (not literally – it was stationary).

Mrs M Vintage’s beautiful shop interior. Photo courtesy of Mrs M Vintage.

I fell in love with Mrs M’s plastic flower-framed mirror and  but In the end I came away with a cute, hand-crafted felt bird and a make-it-yourself craft kit as a Christmas present.  My niece will really enjoy making and using her owl handbag (well, she is nine …) and it’s always pleasing to support a local independent business in my festive gift hunt.

Push-along vintage poodle. Photo courtesy of Mrs M Vintage.

Vintage, pre-loved and upcycled goods are enjoying huge demand at the moment, I suppose because people enjoy looking back at the past.  Old-fashioned design offers the chance to be a bit different to the norm without making a spectacle of oneself as all the designs have been tried and tested.  Recycling, reusing and upcycling are all essential if we want to preserve our environment and shops like Mrs M’s Vintage make saving the planet fun.

The 1940s and 50s vibe seems just right for now; those decades were a time of austerity but, unlike now, when our services are being slashed and people are being puppet-mastered into factions (‘benefits claimants’ versus ‘hard-working families’), the 1940s and 50s were a time of great unity.  People pulled together and did what they could to make the country a better place.  Whilst today we are losing health and education services, the 1940s saw the birth of the NHS in a country that had just fought a long, expensive war.  No wonder we look back on those decades as a golden era.  It was a time of good cheer and optimism.

Toooo much cute! Photo courtesy of Mrs M Vintage.

Mrs M’s Vintage can be found at 71 Flixton Road, M41 5AB which only strengthens my claim that Flixton Road is the centre of the universe.  Do visit: it’s very special and shops like this help differentiate Urmston from anywhere else, making it a lovely place to shop and live.


5 thoughts on “Mrs M Vintage: a new-old shop on Flixton Road

  1. Reblogged this on mariebettydavis and commented:
    I’m going to be interviewing Helen soon about Mrs M Vintage, and giving you all a little look around her shop to see what gems are sold in this Aladdin’s cave…for now though here is a bit about Mrs M’s

  2. Oh thank you for your kind words, of course I don’t mind: I am very flattered! You will love Helen’s shop – it’s the kind of shop that makes you feel like you’ve inhaled sunshine just by glancing in the window!

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