Flixton Road: centre of the universe

It’s all happening on Flixton Road …

A new shop has opened in Eccles Electrical’s former home; Treasured Wear is  a family run business with over 20 years experience in the printing industry (I think they were Primeprint up by Flixton Station, but not 100% sure).  They offer the ‘corporate print solutions’ (!) such as business cards, leaflets, folders & brochures as well as personalisation of hoodies, t-shirts and other garments.


A pop-up (but not in an explosive way, we hope) fireworks shop has opened on the site of the golf shop.  It’s only there until just after bonfire night, so keep your eyes peeled for more developments.

Manchester Cartridge (formerly Cartridge World) has moved to Station Road.

Urmston Carpets has opened on the site of the old United Carpets.

The tool shop has closed and in its place an exciting-sounding vintage shop is soon to open.

Meanwhile, at Urmston Bookshop, following on from their well-attended book signings with Jayne Dillon and Ann Widdecombe amongst others, Frances and Peter were recently filmed with Frank Cottrell-Boyce on Granada Reports.   Now, I am not very technically minded so having spent ten minutes trying to work out how to embed the video, I’ve given up, but I do recommend you watch Urmston Bookshop on Granada Reports here.  Frances makes the excellent point that her little bookshop employs many local people and serves as a community hub.  If you have stumbled upon this page from further afield, I would urge you to visit Urmston Bookshop; it’s a beautiful little shop that is so inspiring for readers young and old.  You can tell when you walk through the door that the people who run this shop really love books.  As the report says, 1/3 of independent bookshops have closed in recent years, so use it or lose it, people!

Beautiful books, quirky gifts and toys at Urmston Bookshop.

Beautiful books, quirky gifts and toys at Urmston Bookshop.

When I called in to buy Morrissey’s Autobiography this week, Frances told me that back in the day St Morrissey himself would spend many a dinner hour round at her house, as he was pals with her brother.  He would sit at the table and produce fabulous artwork but Frances’ mother, much to her chagrin, never kept any of his drawings.  Frances did not reveal whether the great Stretfordian ever scratched her name on his arm with a fountain pen.

There are plenty more comings-and-goings that are coming up and going down in the next few weeks, but I shall have to post on these in the future for time, as St Morrissey once said, is against me now.


3 thoughts on “Flixton Road: centre of the universe

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  2. My little family and I are fairly new to Urmston (moved here in January). We love its independent spirit and the creativity that is now flowing in. I’m keeping everything crossed for the stall holders at the market that the new owners will support them with good marketing etc encouraging local people to keep it local as we’ll as opening up further opportunities for the market. I think the market would really benefit from specialist Sunday trading ie. a monthly farmers market, craft fairs, Christmas fairs, children’s fun days etc. Other local towns are doing this successfully… Why can’t Urmston!?
    I love having a local market and enjoy taking my little daughter round it. It would be a real shame to see it disappear.
    Enjoying your blog, thanks for taking the time to write it!

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