Celebrity Cat at Urmston Bookshop

Urmston Bookshop is hosting the launch event for Jessi-Cat: the Cat that Unlocked a Boy’s Heart.

Every good bookshop hosts personal appearances from literary luminaries but Urmston Bookshop is delivering a unique treat on 1st August with a visit from the country’s most famous cat.

Jessi-Cat, who resides in Davyhulme, won the Cats Protection National Cat of the Year award in 2012.  The launch of her human companion’s inspirational book at Urmston Bookshop marks the mid-point of her two year reign.

Cat-mother Jayne Dillon has written Jessi-Cat: the Cat that Unlocked a Boy’s Heart which tells the story of how her adorable feline helps her young son cope with selective mutism and Asperger’s Syndrome.

You can read all about Jessi-Cat on her Facebook page or follow this clever cat on Twitter.

Jessi-Cat: the Cat that Unlocked a Boy’s Heart is published on 1st August.  The book launch at Urmston Bookshop will run from 6.30-8.00pm and will feature a meet-and-greet from author Jayne Dillon, her son Lorcan and Jessi-Cat herself in the actual feline flesh.  You can pre-order the book from Urmston Bookshop.


4 thoughts on “Celebrity Cat at Urmston Bookshop

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