Urmston Independents: the story so far …

Last week, www.urmstonindependents.org.uk was launched as a means of promoting the artisans and grafters, handy(wo)men and crafters that help keep the streets of  Urmston buzzing with troves of treasure to discover and enjoy.  Online or on the street, Urmston’s independent traders keep our local economy healthy and wealthy.  This website is just for them, and for the community.
Urmston independents

In the four days since its launch, urmstonindependents.org.uk has attracted 453 views and 166 visitors.  There have been lots of encouraging messages of support and offers of help.  Twitter has been a big help in bringing what Search Engine Optimists (is that really a thing or did I make it up?) like to call ‘traffic’ to the site.  The Stretford and Urmston Messenger has been in touch, so some nice press exposure for independent traders in Urmston seems likely.  Not bad for four days, but let’s take it further.  This is where you come in.

How YOU can help Urmston’s independent traders thrive and survive

Step One: shop mindfully

Urmston’s independent traders have had it tough over the past few years but you can help boost them by shopping mindfully and encouraging others to do the same.  You don’t have to spend more money,  just spend it differently.

Use Urmston's independent shops and services.

Use Urmston’s independent shops and services.

Step Two: spread the word

Use this on Facebook to spread the word about Urmston Independents.

Use this on Facebook to spread the word about Urmston Independents.


Share this website on Facebook, tweet it or blog about some of Urmston’s independent shops, services, eateries and bars.  Get the message out there: Urmston’s independent traders are awesome and they deserve our support.  If they’ve battled through the past few years and come out the other side still trading with a smile on their face, they are a force to be reckoned with and an inspiration.  If they’ve taken the huge step of starting their own business in the current economic gloom, they have courage and determination and they deserve the small reward of having you try them out at least just once.  You may use any of the photos or graphics on this website to promote www.urmstonindependents.org.uk.  If you leave a comment on this post, it will boost our visibility to search engines, so don’t be shy … we hardly ever bite.

Tweet this to spread the word about Urmston Independents.

Tweet this to spread the word about Urmston Independents.

Step Three: help us build our A-Z

Help us build up our A-Z of independent Urmston traders.  ANY Urmston-based, independent trader can have a listing on this site and we will never charge any money for this (or for anything else related to this site).  So let us know about Urmston’s independent traders.   We know the list is incomplete, but if we’d waited to compile a full list of every independent trader in Urmston before publishing this website, we’d never have done anything.  It’s far better to start promoting even a small proportion of Urmston’s independent traders with a view to building a more complete set of listings than to put off doing anything at all because it’s such an overwhelming task.  Over the coming weeks we will be writing longer pieces about individual businesses or traders or types of business.  We are starting by preparing a page about cake makers in Urmston, since there are so many and since everybody likes cake, so do please get in touch if you know of any cake makers not already listed on our A-Z.

Finally, if you have read this far, thank you.  Your support means a lot to independent traders in Urmston.  Have a great day.


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